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On Geometry-Based Statistical Channel Models for MIMO Wireless Communications

On Geometry-Based Statistical Channel Models for MIMO Wireless Communications. Ph. D. thesis, Marvin René Arias Oliva. Centro de Investigación en Computación, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico City. Nov. 2008 The thesis is here. Ésta es la tesis de doctorado de Marvin Arias (en inglés).
Abstract: The use of wideband Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication systems is currently subject to considerable interest. One reason for this is the latest development of 3rd Generation mobile communication systems and beyond, such as the wideband technology: Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA), which provides 5 MHz wide radio channels.
For the design and simulation of these mobile radio systems taking into account MIMO wireless propagation (e.g. like the wideband-CDMA), channel models are needed that provide the required spatial and temporal information necessary for studying such systems, i.e., the basic modeling parameters in the space-time domains, e.g., the root mean square (rms) delay spread (DS) is directly connected to the capacity of a specific communication system and gives a rough implication on the complexity of a receiver.
In this thesis a channel modeling based on the clustering approach is proposed and used for analysis in the space-time domains for stationary conditions to represent the power delay angle profiles (PDAPs) of the multipath components (MPCs) in urban environments. In the thesis, closedform expressions are derived in angular and time domains respectively. Previous research on channel modeling covers a wide variety of aspects in varying levels of detail, including analysis for non stationary conditions. However, the work presented in the literature has not included the relationship between the physical clusters and the PDAPs. The proposed clustering approach model can be used to further performance improvement in stationary conditions of current or future mobile radio systems like the Wideband MIMO communication systems.
This thesis also presents an analysis in angular and time domain respectively through direction of arrival (DOA) and time of arrival (TOA) probability density functions (PDFs) for the clustering approach model. In order to evaluate the derived theoretical PDFs, these are compared with experimental results published in the literature. The comparison to experimental results shows good agreement, however the modeling approach proposed in this thesis is limited to stationary conditions of the channel. The non-stationary condition is outside the scope of this thesis, i.e., the clustering approach model proposed does not incorporate the Doppler effect in the analysis.

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